Maybe In Another Life by Taylor Jenkins Reid

So, here’s a thing:  A modern romantic comedy with alternate universe.  It almost deserves its own genre, doesn’t it?  Romantic comedy / Science Fiction / Fantasy

I was looking for a new audiobook one day and read about this one on another blogger’s site and thought it sounded interesting.

At a crossroads for the main character, the reader is shown concurrent storylines.  The path taken versus the path not taken.

But then they’re both taken.

Or something.

In a ‘Sliding Doors’ type of story, we follow young Hannah Martin, who is rootless and undecided about her life.  Who is she?  What does she want?

Suddenly, we watch as she splinters and navigates two storylines.

It’s something I’ve always thought about when running to catch a bus.  What if I caught it this time?  How would my day play out differently? Except in Hannah’s case, such a simple turn has a drastic effect on her life.

I had a hard time at the start of this because I was listening to the audiobook and I didn’t like the reader.  Nothing wrong with her, except that she was very monotone, and I found it difficult to warm up to the main character.

But once I established that it was the voice I didn’t like, and not the book, then I enjoyed the rest of it much more.

The main character is endearing, and honestly, she’s all of us at 29 years old.  I smirked at some passages because I remember having the same inner dialogue with myself at that age.

What’s so impressive about how Reid weaves the story is that she stayed absolutely true to her characters.  They didn’t spin out of control, or act contrary to themselves.  Reid established them without making them one dimensional and allowed them to react in each situation as they would in any situation.  An alternate universe doesn’t necessarily mean an alternate personality.

I kept wondering, though, how she was going to re-join the universes.

I guess you’ll just have to read it and find out for yourself.


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